Experienced and Specialized Professionals

ETI has one of the most experienced and knowledgeable securitization teams in the industry. We have been involved in the business since the very first REMICs were issued in the late 80?s. Our team also includes software engineers who have built industry-leading structured-finance applications.

Quality of Work

ETI prides itself in delivering the very best to its clients. ETI’s bond administration services consist of completing the monthly payment calculations for the certificate holders in conjunction with the trustee.  Differences are reconciled before the payment is made.  This gives us the advantage of making the most accurate payments and providing independent results to compare against.

Working Relationships with Big 4 Accounting Firms

ETI has established working relationships with Deloitte Tax, KPMG and Ernst & Young in order to provide our clients with quality work.  ETI completes the REMIC tax returns including required quarterly schedules and supplements.  When engaged, the Big 4 firm then reviews each return and the accompanying schedules and work papers, and then signs as tax preparer.  This approach provides our clients with the combination of ETI’s specialized knowledge and the resources of the Big 4 accounting firm at competitive prices.

Business Partner

ETI works very closely with our clients to help them grow their business.  We strive to provide our clients with timely, value-added services that give them a competitive edge in today’s markets.

Proven Business Solutions:

Monthly Loan Level Review

  • Parallel validation check
  • Confirms accuracy and completeness
  • Help determine handling of loan modications

Bond Payment Calculation Review

  • Unique and complex waterfall rules
  • Provide clients extra comfort level prior to distribution date
  • Invaluable when trigger events occur
  • Avoid revisions

Auditing and Rating Agency

  • Satisfy internal audit
  • Limit rating agency concerns

Disaster Scenario

  • ETI acts as backstop
  • Independent bond payment calculation